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Photography tips – Think about what kind of photographer you want to be!

Have you ever given much thought to what kind of photography really turns you on? If not you should. Identifying the kinds of subjects that interest you and giving some thought about the kind of photographer you want to be will help you learn faster and develop your style into something uniquely your own.  Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence: Science fiction has got it all wrong!

Everyone is very familiar (according to Hollywood) of the inevitable melt down of the planet that is coming with the developments of AI. Of course, it all ends with the likes of Skynet or the Matrix kicking the crap out of the human race. But, don’t worry just yet there’s always man or machine, a Kianu or Arnie, there to save us all at the closing moments of humankind. Continue reading

Paedophile porn?

Surely it can’t be just me that thinks this NSPCC ‘Underwear Rule’ advert is a total communications disaster.

It can’t be just me that imagines (alleged) paedophiles like Jimmy Saville and Michael Jackson knocking one out whilst watching it?

The NSPCC will never see another penny from me if this is what they consider this an appropriate way of raising this particular issue. Continue reading

It’s a dogs life!

56 in dog years...

56 in dog years…

I took one of the dogs to vet today, just for his annual jabs. We always make a point of timing it right to keep their passports valid – who knows what might happen. It got me thinking. Guido is now older than me!

Tragedies (and time machines) aside if life follows the natural order of things we will only know our parents as adults and old folk, and if we are lucky we will know our kids from childhood to middle age. Not so our dogs – for many of us the most loyal, trusted and closest companions we will ever have. People drift in and out of our lives – that’s just how it works – including our children and our parents. Our dogs never leave our sides. Continue reading

St Valentine’s Day, what a crock of sh*t!

I have just turned Facebook off for the day due to a barrage of photographs of ‘flowers from my wonderful husband/boyfriend’, and statements of undying love for respective spouses, so much openly stated emotion is not natural. Good god man we’re British! Continue reading

Photography tips – Dodging and burning, don’t overdo it!

So, you’ve had a nice afternoon out with your camera and you’re sat downloading and editing them before throwing them out to the world though Flickr, Facebook, or whatever other sites you use. How do you personally go about processing your images?

Are you looking to get the maximum out of the files whilst retaining a ‘natural’ look or do you go in head first attempting to manipulate the hell out of them because, they aren’t actually any good and you think it might make them look ‘creative’ or ‘artistic’? Here’s a piece of advice for you. Don’t go for the later. As with any craft, learn to use the tools properly first. Continue reading

The fog….

As long as I can remember I’ve suffered from depression. Even as a child I knew that I was wired differently from those around me.  It’s cost me dearly over the years both personally and financially in one way or another. The unrest that comes with it can result in many a bad decision.  Continue reading

Photography tips – Read the damned instruction manual!

It’s not just cameras is it? At some point we’ve all been guilty of diving into messing about with one new piece of kit or other without reading the manual. I’m as guilty as most of not getting much further than, “how do I get the battery in?”. However, especially if you’re a newcomer to photography, or you are coming to a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) from a point and shoot camera you’re doing yourself a great disservice not reading the manual from cover to cover. Continue reading

Photography tips – Don’t become a camera nerd!

If I had a Euro, dollar or pound for every time I’ve heard the phrase “I’ll get ‘so and so’ to take the photographs, he/she has a good camera”, I’d be a wealthy man. Even more so if I was equally rewarded for having to listen to idiots bleating on about the camera equipment they own, who in practice couldn’t take an interesting image if their life depended on it.

The simple fact is that if you want your photography to count for anything you have to be stood in-front of interesting subjects. If you can’t manage that, whatever kit you have is completely and utterly worthless. Continue reading

Photography tips – Photography is not big game hunting!

There are many commonly used terms in photography I find more than a little irritating, but by far and away the words that grate on me most used in relation to the medium are ‘shooting’, ‘shot’ and ‘shoot’.

I have no idea where the origins of the association come from, the terminology has been around certainly as long as I can remember. But, if the individual responsible could be identified I’d take them outside and shoot them myself – not with a camera I hasten to add.

My best guess is that like most other bullshit words in photography it probably originates from second rate amateur photography magazines (I’d blame the Internet but this one has been around too long) and gradually found it’s way into acceptance through constant use by newbie photographers wanting to sound, cool and, or, more knowledgeable than they actually are! Continue reading

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