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4th February 2011

For a couple of year now I’ve had it in my head that I was going to walk the island from north to south.I measured it by road the other day, and it’s approximately 73km from the port at Orzola to the lighthouse in Playa Blanca.

You know how things are, we say these things and never get around to doing them. I’ve been procrastinating on this one for far too long. So, to stir myself into action, I have decided to use it to hopefully raise a little bit of money for charity. Committing to that forces me to plan for it and name a date.

As you’ve probably guessed by now – the date I’m working towards is the 4th February 2011, which gives me a little time to train for it, and to gain some exposure for my nominated charities;

Niños Tercer del Mundo based here on the island and raising money for children in the third world.

The Rose Road Centre in Southampton who provided a wide range of services to severely disabled children and their families. (A charity suggested by Geoff Holt who, if you remember last year set off from Playa Blanca to become the first quadriplegic to sail unassisted across the Atlantic. Geoff has since become a good friend of ours – I’m a massive fan and wanted to do something to support his work.)

So, that’s it – it’s now in Jackie’s (from Niños Tercer del Mundo) diary who I met earlier today to discuss this with – and she was quite insistent that once she wrote it down there was no turning back. It’s on my blog – and no doubt Elle will have it plastered all over Facebook in no time. 🙂

You can make any contributions as and when you wish via the Just Giving link below. Or, click here for more details about sponsoring me.

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