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Twin TowersIt´s hard for anyone to let this date pass without remembering what happened. I guess this will, to use an English reference, be written into history like the gun powder plot. Now there’s a thought, lets go and burn some effigies of Bin Laden… They seem to like burning our Union Flag and the Stars and Stripes, lets return the compliment.

The murdering scum who committed the atrocities on 911 will no doubt rot in their own version of hell for their deeds…

I’m not going to get riled up, that´s what they want – they are aiming for all out war between two religions. Remember, there are decent peaceful Muslims in the world – many of whom in my opinion need to get a bit more vocal if this is ever going to end.  But also, lets not forget there is an element of these people who would think nothing of chopping your head off in the right circumstances in the name of ´god´- some god they have!  (For the sake of balance I´m sure there´s enough fundamentalist Christians happy to throw a nuke into the desert to even things up…)

It´s an insane world when people think it okay to murder in the name of ‘god. Thank ´god´ (sic) I´m an atheist!

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