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A new addition to the family…

The new boy - maybe?...You might think this is the Guido. But it isn’t – this is Pepper – he is currently on probation as to whether he joins our household. In for a test run so to speak…

Guido is – we think – is a Labrador and Beagle cross (mostly), he looks very Labrador though with a few Beagle traits and the litter he came from apart from him were all marked like Beagles. We didn’t believe it when we first got him 3 years ago but a Labrador Beagle cross is an official hybrid breed called – wait for it – a Beagador. He’s smaller than your average Labrador cross, and a little nervy at times, but great fun, and a lovely natured dog.

This chap is a bit different – although they look much alike, he’s a pedigree Labrador who someone asked us if we’d be interested in taking after he became a little to big for the children of the family he was living with. He’s very playful and was knocking toddlers over left right and centre.Making new friends...Temperament wise, he’s very similar to Guido, very affectionate, a very placid dog – but a somewhat bouncy puppy too! He’s bigger, about 4 inches at the shoulder – and you wouldn’t believe it if you saw him but he’s only 6 months old! The past 24 hours have been eventful, and he’s still on ‘probation’ in my eyes – there’s been a little bit of friction between the two… And me and Elle because of it! 🙂

Though, to be honest if they were human it would be the equivalent of having a single parent child of about 20 (albeit not a very mature one) about 5 foot tall, and introducing a 6 foot tall toddler! So it was never going to be that simple…

He’s a handful, and for me the jury is still out – but somehow I think if I wanted to return him I’m going to be fighting a losing battle with Elle! If she wants to keep him – she’s going to have to keep the ‘kids’ under control so grumpy old ‘daddy’ doesn’t lose his rag and send the (albeit very cute and lovely) little bugger back to where he came from… 😛

4 Responses to A new addition to the family…

  • Sandy says:

    Good luck with new possible addition to your family Alan, he sounds and looks nice.

  • Jane and Frank says:

    You are such a tolerant guy!

    Poor Guido – how is his doggie brain going to cope with a baby brother who gets bigger than him?

    Jane xx

  • Alan says:

    That’s me Jane – Mr Tolerance…. 😉

  • Elle says:

    Mr Tolerance? I’ve heard you called a lot of things over the years my love… but never Mr Tolerance!

    Thanks Sandy xxxx

    Jane & Frank – Guido’s getting used to him – poco a poco. You’ll meet him soon enough too! xxx