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An open letter to Lesley McHarg in Lanzarote

Dear Lesley,

I’m sure you come across as nice little harmless old lady in person. But really, you need to learn how to conduct yourself better on Facebook.

It’s no secret that my politics sit somewhere left of Lenin, but I don’t normally mind a bit of political debate with those who’s views are somewhat right of centre. However, coming onto my Facebook page and insulting me and my wife is not acceptable behaviour.

Perhaps I did come back at you a bit harsh initially. But, speaking frankly, suggesting that ISIS would not be a problem if the old witch was still around demonstrated your complete lack of a grasp on reality. This, combined with a quick scan of your profile which included shares of Britain First posts (which I have no doubt will mysteriously disappear when you find this) I couldn’t help myself. As the exchange continued you became increasingly insulting and argumentative. Returning later to delete some posts doesn’t make a difference as you can see now.

Some words of advice for future reference when using Facebook….

1. You live on a small island, and many of Lanzarote’s residents observed your posts. Your views and your behaviour could potentially have an effect on both your holiday rental business, and your husbands business.

2. It’s not wise going off on one on the wall of a stranger to you. If you must, you might want to research them a little better. Had you checked us out you’d have found out we lived in Playa Blanca for 6 years and still have a lot of friends there – hence point one about who was reading your insulting posts.

3. Behaving like a twat and then pulling the ‘I’ve had cancer’ card does not pass as an excuse for being a twat.

4. What’s said can not be unsaid, calling people ‘evil’ and ‘sick’ for having an opinion different to you is not the smartest thing to do.

5. Choose you adversaries more wisely, or things like this happen.

6. Be a nicer person, and people might be nicer back.

Have a nice life! Do please stay out of my way.