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My Photography

Billy the Boxer Dog

Billy Boxer

White horse…

White horse

© Alan Gandy 2013

Some photos from Lanzarote… The last, for now anyway!

A while back I had my beautiful old Bronica GS1 shipped out to me. Unfortunately, I’ve not had much time on my hands to play with it for a while, but I did manage to get it out a couple of times before we left the island to run a couple of test films through. Here are some of the results;

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View from the ferry at sunrise…

It might have been a shitty journey, courtesy of Acciona Trasmediterrania, but I liked this photo that came about as a result…

Road Kill!

Some of the used to be wild, some of them used to be pets, and some of them used to be someone’s family… Continue reading

The return of an old friend…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away – I used to be a photographer.

I was not, am not, and have no aspirations to be a commercial photographer. I studied what was essentially a ‘fine art’ (I’m not a lover of the phrase so won’t bore you with any post-modernist critique) photography degree. It was the best on offer in the country at the time (and probably still is), and I continued to do it for a few years afterwards. However, when your passion is something that’s very difficult to turn into cold hard cash (I didn’t fancy teaching at the time which is what most of my peers gravitated towards) – it doesn’t take long before work, your social life, and sooner, or later kids come along.

I never left it completely, I just never did it (by my own definition) ‘seriously’ since just after my mid 20`s. I’ve always loved the medium, I always look at the photography I see with a critical eye, and I’ve kept my hand in, and periodically re-kindled my interest, through some occasional teaching (until I left the UK). I’ve just not DONE it. Continue reading

The dogs!

The boys!

In training for my walk in February I’ve been paying regular visits to the Princess Yaiza gym, and doing a LOT more walking than I usually do.

The dogs are very happy about getting to spend more time outdoors! 🙂

Alan Gandy – Neglected dog

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Alan Gandy – An unusual boat

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Alan Gandy – Approach to Tenerife

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