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11th day, 11th day, 11th month, 11th year…

For the first time since the anniversary of Armistice Day has been used to commemorate those lost to war the 11th of November in 2011 will fall on a palindromic date – and won’t do so again for another 100 years.

PoppyThey shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun
And in the morning
We will remember them.

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911 – lest we forget….

There really aren’t the words to deal with the reality of what happened 10 years ago.

Suffice it is to say that today we should all remember those who were murdered on that day, and those that have died because of it since.

I will always have the utmost respect for the brave men and women of the New York Fire Department, those people showed us all what it is to be human. Their dignity, and their courage will always remain an example to us all. What a terrible shame on the US it is that the politicians saw fit not to invite them – all of them – to the opening ceremony of the memorial.

This is just as apt for the members of the New York Fire Department and the NYPD who gave their lives to protect the public as it is the the fallen soldiers of our two great nations who have given their lives before and since 911.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

I salute you all!

Osama Bin Laden dead!

Proof?Finally it seems that the world’s most wanted man has got what’s been coming to him!

Sadly though, it’s far from an end to his brand of terrorism. In fact, if many in the press are to be believed there’s every likelihood that al-Qaeda may well pick up the pace of their activities in revenge.

Nevertheless, hats off to those who have finally achieved some justice for the thousands of innocent victims of Osama Bin Laden around the world.

Good riddance to one of the world’s most despicable and hateful men?

Is Gaddafi next? I certainly hope so…

Milo – The virtual boy…

Geoff Holt sets sail across the Atlantic!

Geoff HoltRecently, I wrote a bit about Geoff Holt the quadriplegic sailor preparing to set out to be the first quadriplegic to sail the Atlantic unassisted. Well this morning he set out at 10am local time to do just that – and plans to arrive in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands in 17 days time. As well as the challenge of the expedition, this is a bit of an emotional journey for Geoff as it was in Tortola that Geoff had the accident that caused his disability in 1984.

We only met Geoff a couple of weeks ago – he’s a fantastic guy, great sense of humour, and has a warmth to him that leaves you feeling like you’ve known him for years…

Suffice it is to say that we wish Geoff and his team (personal assistant Susana and cameraman Digby) the best of luck and a safe journey across the pond!

If you’d like to know more about Geoff you can read his story in his book Walking on Water

Geoff Holt

Geoff HoltEvery now and then in life you meet someone who really makes an impression on you. This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Holt and his lovely assistant Susana…

Geoff was the fist quadriplegic to sail single handed around Great Britain – and is currently preparing to become the fist quadriplegic to cross the Atlantic unassisted with the sailing and navigation of the boat. Susana is accompanying Geoff to help with his personal needs

His boat, Impossible Dream, is currently moored at the Rubicon Marina in Lanzarote – you can’t miss it! It’s a seriously impressive catamaran with his name all over it! The 60 foot boat has been purpose built built by a fellow disabled sailor – and is worth, we were told, in the region of £2,000,000!

We wish Geoff and Susana a safe and enjoyable crossing when they set off on the 10th of December and are looking forward to following their adventures on Geoff’s website –

Is this a way to get rid of the BNP?

Nick GriffinLike most other clear thinking Brits I watched Nick Griffin of the BNP (British National Party for our American friends) on Question Time recently. I hadn’t approved of him being on – but in the end I think it was right to give him ‘enough rope to hang himself’ – which he duly did.

In my (and many others – it seems) opinion he showed himself to be a poorly educated, fascist, racist, anti-Semitic, KKK loving, bigot… It’s insulting to most intelligent people to hear this man of all people spouting on about democracy!

It occurred to me whilst watching, that if (and let’s be honest it´s a big if) the BNP constitution is changed to allow black and Asian members to join – if every black and Asian and clear thinking ‘indigenous’ person (the BNP description) in Britain joined – there would be enough new members to vote the BNP out of existence.

Now wouldn’t that be a lesson in democracy for the BNP! I wonder if it’s possible – so started up a Facebook group to see if the idea could take off…

Of course it wouldn’t finish them, they’d be back in another guise – but hell,wouldn’t it be a major setback in their attempt to go ‘mainstream’ with their fascist brand of politics!

Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize – what on earth for?

The news abounds today with the story about President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Price. But what the hell exactly is it for?

Barack Obama’s only achievement I can see to date is becoming the first black President. No mean feat, a piece of history as we all felt, and I salute him for that – but that in itself does not warrant this accolade.

I really like the guy, and in my opinion he has the makings of becoming a fine President. But that’s it – he has the makings – but hasn’t actually completed anything of any magnitude yet. And certainly not in the peace stakes. Yes, he’s said a few reassuring words, but, in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East  people on both sides of the conflicts are still dying, and others continue to murder their own people – seems to me that it’s business as usual!


In my opinion the Nobel people have been out to kiss ass and get themselves more news coverage than usual. They have, and it has backfired on them. They should be ashamed of how this de-values the deserving winners in Science, Literature and other disciplines, who have worked hard, achieved great things and enriched the human experience.

I’m sure he can’t say it – but I suspect this will have made Barack Obama furious, he really didn’t need this kind of coverage right now. I don’t doubt this has caused him great embarrasment through no fault of his own!

Remember these animals do not represent decent, honest Muslim people…

There must me so many in the Muslim world ashamed of the behaviour of these animals seen (reportedly) at a demo in London.

True Muslim people are pacifists and do not boil with the hatred of these scum, and that’s what they are – xenophobic, racist scum. That has nothing to do with either their religion or the colour of their skin.

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Drone pilots…

How’s this for the ultimate console game…?

Blast some Taliban – and home in time for tea…!