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UK: Be careful what you wish for!


Nigel Farage

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Homeless woman in Almeria


Artificial Intelligence: Science fiction has got it all wrong!

Everyone is very familiar (according to Hollywood) of the inevitable melt down of the planet that is coming with the developments of AI. Of course, it all ends with the likes of Skynet or the Matrix kicking the crap out of the human race. But, don’t worry just yet there’s always man or machine, a Kianu or Arnie, there to save us all at the closing moments of humankind. Continue reading

It’s a dogs life!

56 in dog years...

56 in dog years…

I took one of the dogs to vet today, just for his annual jabs. We always make a point of timing it right to keep their passports valid – who knows what might happen. It got me thinking. Guido is now older than me!

Tragedies (and time machines) aside if life follows the natural order of things we will only know our parents as adults and old folk, and if we are lucky we will know our kids from childhood to middle age. Not so our dogs – for many of us the most loyal, trusted and closest companions we will ever have. People drift in and out of our lives – that’s just how it works – including our children and our parents. Our dogs never leave our sides. Continue reading

The fog….

As long as I can remember I’ve suffered from depression. Even as a child I knew that I was wired differently from those around me.  It’s cost me dearly over the years both personally and financially in one way or another. The unrest that comes with it can result in many a bad decision.  Continue reading

Cellular Solutions

An article about a company in Brighton called ‘Cellular Solutions’ appeared in METRO a couple of days ago with the headline ‘The glass ceiling illustrated in one ‘meet the staff’ web page’.

The accompanying photograph (below) shows their staff to be a myriad of young women (I’d hazard a guess none above 30 to 35), and a senior management team of four males. Yes it’s funny… But… Continue reading

Rebekah Brooks – What does the future hold for her?

Perhaps Rebekah Brooks does have a future in media and television after all?

Rebekah Brooks

What is it with stupid job titles?

CocktailIt can’t just be me who thinks the world has gone silly with job titles! We’re all used to the  PC correction of Stewardess (and Steward) to Flight Attendant, Fireman to Fire-fighter, Secretary to Administrative Assistant. That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m all for the revision of gender specific of job titles. It’s the right thing to do.

What I’m talking about is how it seems to be now common place to give relatively menial, often minimum wage jobs, overly pretentious job titles.

Lets take a couple of examples we all hear on a regular basis… Continue reading

Rainbows and Unicorns!

78856It can’t just be me who rolls my eyes every time I flick open my laptop in the morning. Or maybe it is. Maybe I’m just a ‘half empty’ kind of guy. Though there is a bit of me that really wishes I could have a bit of what ‘they are on‘.

By ‘they’ I mean the people who bombard, every morning, the Internet – my Internet – with pictures of rainbows, unicorns, kittens, puppies, penguins, dolphins or whatever other cute animal is the order of the day in la la land. Such images are more often than not accompanied by a statement to the effect of ‘What a wonderfully beautiful world we live in!”

Sorry you people, I’ve got news for you. As a general rule of thumb, the world is a pretty bloody awful place!  Continue reading

Travel Blogging, it’s not for everyone!

When I was a boy if you craved a glamorous and exciting life when you grew up, you wanted to be a Spaceman; and if you were a girl craving excitement, you’d aspire to becoming an Air Hostess. Is it okay to us the term Air Hostess these days? Or is it no longer politically correct?

HostessYes I know they’re called flight attendants, and even boys and fat people are allowed to do it nowadays, but I’m talking about days gone by when that was the term and it was legal to be sexist and exclude people from positions because of their size, so I’ll stick with Air Hostess.

To my point. It seems that such glamorous aspirations have been overtaken by the ambition to become travel bloggers, digital nomads (to me a nomad is, well, a nomadic tribal people rather than a backpacker with an iPhone – I hate the term), and RTW (’round the world’ for the less cool pre-text speakers like myself) travellers; many of whom aspire to make a living from their real-time memoirs. If you call yourself one of the above, and also have financial aspirations please face up to this:  There is every probability you will fail. It’s a fact of life that many businesses fail, and it’s an even harsher fact of life that MOST blogs (travel or otherwise) will fail.  Probably for one of the following reasons;

  • You simply aren’t good enough. Can you really write well? Can you really take half decent photographs? Do you actually have any clue whatsoever about marketing or running a business – I mean any business? …has anyone apart from your mum, friends or other sycophantic travel bloggers (by that I mean. anyone who knows what they are talking about) told you that you are great?
  • You may simply lose interest, or you’ll work out this constant travel thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and realise for the very little money you’ll make it’s actually hard work

…or maybe both. Continue reading