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Fake profiles on Facebook…

Surely it can’t just be me who’s noticed, but there seems to be a spate of Facebook profiles for businesses appearing.

According to the Facebook rules a profile is meant to be a ‘real person’. Not a real estate company, not a band, not a business, not a charity or some other kind of organization.

It really winds me up when a real estate agent or a website sends me a friends request.

I can’t be alone in despising this sort of amateurish spam! Self promotion should be kept to groups and pages.

Stop the white noise – report them!


Perhaps its just me… But I get really hacked off when people use my name in a fake testimonial!

This is exactly what Facebook are doing with their ‘friend finder’ feature!

No doubt you’ve seen it as you’ve been playing around on Facebook – it’s been popping up regularly toward the top right of the screen for quite some time now. It just sits their saying “X and Y have found friends using…”

I’d never really given it much thought until last week when I logged onto my sons account (accidentally on a shared PC), only to see my name there telling him I’d used ‘friend finder’ to successfully locate long lost friends on Facebook… Continue reading