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Training update – does this mean I’m making progress?

As part of the training for my walk of all seven of the main islands that make up the archipelagos next spring I’ve been working with Mitch Mitchell on getting my fitness levels sorted out having let myself go the last few years! After my last session with Mitch I felt like I’d taken a beating when the next day came along!

But, by way of accidental encouragement recently, I bumped into a friend in our local supermarket who said, “You’re looking fit”. (I’m sure he meant ‘fitter’, and was politely over stating!). Coming from someone who does actually know what they are talking about, I was rather pleased to hear that the efforts I am making (with much help and gentle encouragement from Mitch) may have made a visible difference, even so early on in the process. Continue reading

My latest fishing exploits…

I’m not the best fisherman by any stretch of the imagination. But I have to say I’m rather proud of this Sea Bass I caught yesterday.

I only go fishing occasionally – but if I can start bringing fish like this home each time I’d be going a lot more often! Continue reading

My recent catch – a Garfish

GafishI’ll admit it. I’m not the world’s greatest fisherman. Not by a long way. But I have to say I’m quite proud of this Garfish (88cm) I caught recently.

Having spent many an afternoon fishing for small bait fish and catching either nothing or very little, Sunday was no exception. I’d spend a couple of hours sat there watching my float bob up and down while small fish stole the bait.

Getting a bit tired of this I decided to just put on a bigger hook and more bait – not thinking I’d necessarily catch anything – but felt safe in the knowledge at least if there was a few pieces of bait on the hook I might at least not to have to be brining it in and casting it out every two or three minutes. First cast my float shot under the water within seconds – and I knew I had something half decent as soon as the line went taught.

It was a really fun fish to bring in. If you imagine a mini-swordfish jumping out of the water and throwing it’s head around in anger – that’s about the best way to describe it. Once I’d got it in, I didn’t know quite what to do with it – there was no way I was putting my fingers in that mouth! So – it was soon out of it’s misery and heading for the dinner table next day…

Geoff Holt

Geoff HoltEvery now and then in life you meet someone who really makes an impression on you. This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff Holt and his lovely assistant Susana…

Geoff was the fist quadriplegic to sail single handed around Great Britain – and is currently preparing to become the fist quadriplegic to cross the Atlantic unassisted with the sailing and navigation of the boat. Susana is accompanying Geoff to help with his personal needs

His boat, Impossible Dream, is currently moored at the Rubicon Marina in Lanzarote – you can’t miss it! It’s a seriously impressive catamaran with his name all over it! The 60 foot boat has been purpose built built by a fellow disabled sailor – and is worth, we were told, in the region of £2,000,000!

We wish Geoff and Susana a safe and enjoyable crossing when they set off on the 10th of December and are looking forward to following their adventures on Geoff’s website –

Alan Gandy – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid

About the stadium

Official Real Madrid website

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McClaren must go…!

What a ridiculous farce tonight’s Euro 2008 qualifier turned out to be. Why on earth did Steve McClaren replace Robinson with Carson? Let’s face it, McClaren has to go now…

The BBC report on the game