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Acciona Trasmediterránia – Arrecife to Cadiz

I’ve been quiet on my blog again for a while – we’ve been moving, and as a result  of the move have some advice to share with fellow animal lovers – If you’re thinking of travelling with dogs or cats between Lanzarote and Cadiz on the Acciona Trasmediterránia ferry  – DON’T!

We thought long and hard when we decided to bring our dogs to mainland Spain from Lanzarote. We looked at every detail. Our dogs are part of the family, they are neither accessories, nor are they dumb animals. It’s like having three toddlers, and I personally work on the principle of ‘Would I put my kids through that’?

So rather than the expense of doping them up and transporting them by plane, we were thrilled to find out that the Arrecife to Cadiz ferry allowed pets, and at only €36 per dog was an incredible saving on the cost of flying them. Result! We thought so at the time anyway. On the strength of this we called the call centre and booked after being told…

“Yes, you can see the dogs any time you want”.

“Yes, if you want to stay with them you can”.

There was no ambiguity with the responses from the call centre – we could stay with our dogs. I didn’t mind how uncomfortable it would be for us, I just wanted to make sure it was as stress free for them as possible. They didn’t ask for the move – it’s something we wanted, why should they suffer?

The outside ‘kennels’ – these are a couple of the better ones – many had doors missing.

So, the move time came and consisted of three trips. Two were to Cadiz and back for me with the car and our stuff. The third would be when I’d be returning to Cadiz with Elle and the dogs.

I hate boats, and I loathe boredom, so one 30 plus hour journey was more than enough for me, never mind having to do that three times. However doing the trip alone there and back would give me time to check out the facilities for animals. On the first trip I was horrified to find out that the kennels were below decks. They were filthy, and access was limited to very specific hours. These were… Continue reading