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Cellular Solutions

An article about a company in Brighton called ‘Cellular Solutions’ appeared in METRO a couple of days ago with the headline ‘The glass ceiling illustrated in one ‘meet the staff’ web page’.

The accompanying photograph (below) shows their staff to be a myriad of young women (I’d hazard a guess none above 30 to 35), and a senior management team of four males. Yes it’s funny… But… Forget the ‘glass ceiling’ comment which is essentially not the real story. Forget the jokes about HR policy likely being decided over a few beers in a lap dancing bar. Forget the joke about the only way these guys get to spend time with good looking girls is to pay for their time.

What a bout the spotty 20 year old male who’s just left University with his telecoms related degree (lets call him Geek X). He’s desperate to break into the telecoms business but is stuck working at – tax evading – Starbucks or some computer games retailer on the High Street, because people like this have recruitment policy based on ‘would I give her one’?

The poor kid doesn’t stand a chance if (as clearly demonstrated) this company only recruits eye candy.

As funny as it is – these guys should be answering for this in court. They have discriminated illegally. The gloating with a page of pretty girls is not unlike the rioters posting pictures of themselves with their looted goods on Facebook a few years back. It’s evidence!

I hope there’s an enterprising lawyer out there somewhere looking for some of the young guys who’s applied to the company and been rejected so they can get access to the CVs of unsuccessful job applicants at ‘Cellular Solutions’!

What do you think?

Sexual discrimination?


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