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Charity auction at Wax – can you contribute?

The lovely owners and staff at Wax in Playa Blanca are organising a charity auction to help raise funds for the two charities I’m supporting with the ‘Siete Islas walk’. Thanks guys!

The auction will be held on Thursday 10th May after I (hopefully! :)) have finished the walk and back on the island.


Between Wax and ourselves we’re hoping to have a bunch of goodies from both here, and in the UK. So if you’re  in the UK you will still be able to take part if you see something you fancy. The plan is to accept bids prior to the event on items, bids will be kept secret, and treated as sealed bids to be opened on the night. Anything not bid on will be placed on ebay.

So, at this stage Helen is looking for some items for the auction! She can be contacted via the Wax Bar Facebook page, or if you leave a comment on this post she’ll see it.

Helen is looking for all the usual stuff you see at this events, whether you’re a business or an individual will be grateful if you have any goods, services or talents you might be able to offer for auction, for two very worthy causes. As well as the regular stuff it would be great to see any creative ideas – anyone got any A list celebrities in their address book you can scrounge something from for instance? 🙂

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