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Like many people, Dali was probably the first artist to make a lasting impression on me as a child… And probably led to me do an Arts degree rather than something actually useful!

I never managed to get to the permanent exhibition on the South Bank – but was fortunate enough to see an Exhibition at The Tat Gallery in Liverpool some years ago, having had a couple of beers in Blue first after work (I used to work in The Port of Liverpool Building). What took me by surprise at the time was that it wasn´t the best know works that really got to me, rather it was a pencil drawing that nearly moved me to tears… A simple study of a nude woman, and little more than a few lines. It blew me away!

View any of Dali´s work and you know you were looking at the work of a great mind, this simple study convinced me I was looking at the work of one of the finest artists in history…

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