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Day 04 – Fuerteventura. Puerto del Rosario to Nuevo Horizonte

Here is a recap of Alan’s Day Four of his Siete Islas Charity Walk. It is the second part of the Fuerteventura section.

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Alan was shattered at the end of yesterday, as the extra weight in the backpack was putting some pressure on his lower spine. However, he remains optimistic… and feels that once Fuerteventura is completed, that the toughest part for him is over.

We described yesterday, how a chap from TV Canarias found him on the road to Puerto del Rosario and wanted to organise an interview. They arrived on time to the hotel this morning – and as soon as we have the link, we will post it here. We will also post the link to the interview Alan had with them in Lanzarote (it was screened after all)

Alan has said that he is getting beeped at and waved at by lots of people… and getting lots of thumbs up – so word is definitely getting around. He is being recognised all over the place so far – which is great!

Today is only a short walk so that Alan can rest in time for tomorrow’s beast of a trek. At the end of today’s walk, he said he could have done another 20 kilometres quite happily. This is great because it means he’ll be raring to go tomorrow.

  • Interview at hotel with TV Canarias – 8am
  • Leaving Puerto del Rosario – 11am
  • Level with Fuereteventura airport – 12:30pm
  • Caleta de Fuste – 2:15pm
  • Stop for the day and await a lift from a chappie who has a hot meal, hot bath and a bed for the night al waiting for him back in Costa Antigua (Nuevo Horizonté)

A massive thank you to John  from Temple Bar in Corralejo, who has organised Alan’s accommodation for tonight via a friend of his (Gerard).

12.56 kilometers /  2 hours  51 minutes  26 seconds / Ave speed 4.4 kph / Top speed 5.6 kph / 918 Calories burned

You can see where he walked HERE

HELP NEEDED!! Do any of you have contacts close to “Poligono Industrial El Cuchillete”, “El Charco”, or “Gran Tarajal”. Someone who can offer Alan a bed for the night… somewhere he can plug in his phone for charging… and if possible a hot meal? If so, could you please telephone me (Elle) on 664085499 or email me on Thanks!

Once again a special thank you for the help we’ve received from the following individuals and companies;

  • Mitch Mitchell – Lanzarote’s favourite personal trainer the ‘man in black’ for getting Alan’s fitness and stamina to optimum levels
  • David White from Axia FX – for sponsoring Alan’s costs during the trek
  • Ray from Agua Clara for paying for Alan’s water consumption during the trip
  • Irma from Yaiza te Informa for all her help with the Spanish press
  • Navira Armas – for sponsoring all ferry crossings during the charity walk
  • … and of course to everyone who has donated sponsorship… and also prizes for the upcoming auction at Wax Bar

You can make a donation using the link below. And, if you’d like to offer some practical help here are a few ideas. Or, if you have some goods or talents you could contribute they’d be gratefully received for the Wax Bar charity auction. A list of the items available for the auction so far is HERE – and is updated as more lots are offered.

ALL funds raised will be shared equally between the Rose Road Association and Niños del Tercer Mundo.

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