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Day 06. Fuerteventura. Gran Tarajal to Costa Calma

Here is a recap of Alan’s Day Six of his Siete Islas Charity Walk. It is the fourth part of the Fuerteventura section.

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Alan set off at about half seven today… grabbing a taxi up to the Industrial Estate that he stopped at last night, and began walking a little before 8am.

Alan really liked Gran Tarajal – and we’re going to spend a couple of days there together once we have asked Alan’s Dad here to dogsit (Hello Stan! I know you’re reading this too!)

The scenery is really getting pretty… and Costa Calma has plenty of greenery to boast about. Tonight Alan will be staying at the Apartamentos Althay, on Valle de Los Mosquitos (hope that’s just a name… and not a description!!)

Alan managed to get some painkillers at a Farmacia last night – and so has been taking some for his lower back. He started off really well this morning… but he struggled somewhat for the second part of the day.

Alan says he’s definitely doing things correctly by starting early. That way he can finish mid afternoon and rest properly… sort his washing out and grab something to eat. Otherwise he’d be trying to do it all before bedtime… and then panicking in the morning.

  • Leave Gran Tarajal and taxi up to main road – 7:30am
  • Leave Industrial Estate – 8am
  • Enters Pajara – 12 noon
  • About 10 kilometres outside of Costa Calma – 12:45pm
  • Playa La Lajita – 1:15pm
  • Just spotted Costa Calma on the horizon – 2:25pm
  • Arrived in Costa Calma – 3:30pm
  • Checked into Apartamentos Althay 3:45pm

25.3 kilometers / 5 hours 36 minutes 10 seconds / Ave speed 4.5 kph / Top speed 5.6 kph / 1849 Calories burned

You can see where he walked HERE – that link is also worth following during the walk… as you can see Alan’s progress live.

And here are a couple of news interviews for you too – as promised! The first one was filmed in Lanzarote, and the second in Fuerteventura.


HELP NEEDED!! Do any of you have contacts close to “Morro Jable”? Someone who can offer Alan a bed for the night tomorrow (Friday)… somewhere he can plug in his phone for charging… and if possible a hot meal? If so, could you please telephone me (Elle) on 664085499 or email me on to save me booking a hotel for him. Every free night and meal helps keep the costs down. We are also seeking anyone who can help in Gran Canaria (contact me direct for the route). Thanks!

Once again a special thank you for the help we’ve received from the following individuals and companies;