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Day 20. La Palma. Barlovento to Santa Cruz

Here is a recap of Alan’s Day Twenty of his Siete Islas Charity Walk. It is the second and final part of the La Palma section.

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Alan had a bit of a tougher walk today, as he had to negotiate some dodgy tunnels – but he did it and arrived in Santa Cruz from Barlovento just before 5pm.

The lovely Sheila gave him a lift up to the North this morning, whch also gave him a chance to see his route before walking it- the first time he’s been able to do that since Fuerteventura!  Click the thumbnail in the top right for a photo she took of him just before he started today’s walk.

  • Leaves Barlovento – 9am
  • Reached Ramirez – 10:20am
  • Reached San Juan – 11:30am
  • Reached La Rivera – 15:30pm
  • Arrives at Santa Cruz – 17:00pm

This is Island Number Six now complete – and he only has El Hierro to do. Tomorrow will be chock full of travelling, as there is no longer a direct route from La Palma to El Hierro. So he has to get the 5:45am ferry from La Palma to Los Cristianos, Tenerife… and then the 5:30pm ferry from Los Cristianos to Valerde, El Hierro. He’ll then stay wherever I book him into that night before completing the final stretch on Saturday. Then we’ll try to get him home again. Anyone got a private plane? 😀

Distance – 20.5km
Time – 5h 18m 13s
Top speed – 10.4kph!! Downhill with the wind behind you Alan?
Ave speed – 3.6kph
Calories burned – 1498

You can view where he walked HERE and HERE. Remember that if you are on those links whilst he is actually walking… click the current day and you can track him live.

Once again a special thank you for the help we’ve received from the following individuals and companies;

  • Mitch Mitchell – Lanzarote’s favourite personal trainer the ‘man in black’ for getting Alan’s fitness and stamina to optimum levels
  • David White from Axia FX – for sponsoring Alan’s costs during the trek
  • Ray from Agua Clara for sponsoring Alan’s water consumption during the trip
  • Irma from Yaiza te Informa for all her help with the Spanish press and much more!
  • Joanne & Louise at Balan Sports for the supply of Alan’s printed t-shirts
  • Navira Armas – for sponsoring all ferry crossings during the charity walk
  • … and of course to everyone who has donated sponsorship… and also prizes for the upcoming auction at Wax Bar

You can make a donation using the link below. And, if you’d like to offer some practical help here are a few ideas. Or, if you have some goods or talents you could contribute they’d be gratefully received for the Wax Bar charity auction. A list of the items available for the auction so far is HERE – and is updated as more lots are offered.

ALL funds raised will be shared equally between the Rose Road Association and Niños del Tercer Mundo.

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