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Please don’t share the hatred peddled by the EDL!

I seriously fear the hatred that's brewing...

I seriously fear the hatred that’s brewing… Does anyone really want to see this again?

What happened today in London was sick, it was tragic, it was disgusting, it was horrific. Was it terrorism? I personally think that is open to debate. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. My sympathy goes out to the victim’s family, unreservedly. A young man who his country is proud of – as we are all our boys at home and working overseas.

What is important I feel, reading the usual knee jerk reactions on Facebook and elsewhere is that we don’t react the way these fcukers who did this want us to. To start spouting anti-Muslim hatred is exactly what they want. Their main aim is to fuel that hatred, that rivalry between the two (perhaps not the right phrase) dominant cultures. Every time you begin to think those sick misguided cretins that describe themselves as the EDL might be right (or for that matter if you buy a Daily Mail), you play into the hands of the Muslim extremists. Every time these things are answered with vitriol, it just makes the situation worse. Every new anti-Muslim comment, every new EDL follower or sympathiser is a victory to them.

In some ways I feel pity for the poor misguided pricks responsible for today’s tragedy. But, don’t get me wrong. If I was there with a gun in my hand I would have happily put a bullet in them. They have gone too far (to put it mildly). They have stepped over the edge, and they have committed a horrendous crime.

But, these are not real Muslims. The Muslims I have know over the years as friends, the Muslim people I have worked with in the Middle East and elsewhere are fine, principled and reasonable people just like you or I. They wish no harm and want to get on with their lives in peace as we do. A true Muslim, like a true Christian is a pacifist by definition. I’ll state, as I usually do at this point, I am NOT religious – but I have nothing but respect for those, of all faiths, who live by their principles. Pacifism surely is at the root of all religions.

The true problem lies within the human side of religions. The institutions themselves are political, they have factions. Some of which, unfortunately become extremists. Some of which peddle hatred. ALL religious extremists without exception deserve to be dealt with, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or any other…

What the UK also has to face is that there is also an underclass on which the extremists feed. Of course we have to fight the extremists, but we also fight the social structure that makes people vulnerable to the real villains of the piece, the manipulators who drag them into this life. It’s also naïve to think that at least a part of the problem has nothing to do with the structure of British society and the aspirations of government to screw the average working class citizen (of all cultures) out of every penny and every shred of dignity they have.

Fighting extremists by developing a hatred for a whole culture is not the way forward. Yes, fight them through the courts, and, “we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills” (I borrowed that bit). But, don’t forget the real enemies are not the foot-soldiers; the real enemies are the scum that breed the hatred. The real villains sit in their ivory towers and treat the less able or the less privileged as pawns in a game. They are those that breed the hatred on all sides, they are warmongering scum seeking mostly only personal power, and personal gain.

Please, engage your brain before you re-post and share the vitriolic words of the likes of the EDL. It’s playing into the hands of the Jihadists, and in doing so you only fuel the fire…