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Fake profiles on Facebook…

Surely it can’t just be me who’s noticed, but there seems to be a spate of Facebook profiles for businesses appearing.

According to the Facebook rules a profile is meant to be a ‘real person’. Not a real estate company, not a band, not a business, not a charity or some other kind of organization.

It really winds me up when a real estate agent or a website sends me a friends request.

I can’t be alone in despising this sort of amateurish spam! Self promotion should be kept to groups and pages.

Stop the white noise – report them!

2 Responses to Fake profiles on Facebook…

  • Monique Muro says:

    Yeah, I agree. Better to leave the businesses on the pages. While it’s hard to get people to “like” something, in the end it’s worth it because they’re doing it to help you out, or because they genuinely like the product. Obviously better than pestering them with friend requests. Everyone can sniff out self promotion when they see it, for the most part.

  • Paul Novak says:

    It’s a direct result of all the hype that’s pushing FB and other social media outlets as the next big frontier in marketing. It’ll be awhile before it dies down because it will take time for people to realize that the only ones making money are the ones selling the idea that social media spamming is effective.