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Quote – Frank Gallagher’s opening speech from Shameless

“Anyone watching thinking we know fuck all about knowing fuck all about owt, needs to watch their backs.
So you’ve had your Labour reclassifying scum sending prices sky high… literally… LITERALLY… taking the grass from its own roots.
Now you’ve got your Con-Dem-Nation. Liberals noshing Tories like Altar Boys picking dim sum.
Have we had a national fuckin’ stroke or what? Is revolution a word? Or was it never?
Anybody watching needs to know we cope better than average with irony in Chatsworth.
Well for fuck’s sake – we live in Manchester! And they charge us for water.
I wandered lonely as a cloud… necking mushrooms rarely found.
This green and pleasant land and ancients are yak yak yak yak yak yak…
It’s not their’s anymore!
This is our England now!

Frank Gallagher 2011 (a true poet!)

One Response to Quote – Frank Gallagher’s opening speech from Shameless

  • Sherri Phillips says:

    This is so true although im from Portsmouth and not from Manchester though the same can be said for everywhere in England no matter where you are from. Very well written.