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How to be popular on Facebook!


Do you want to be more popular on Facebook?

The answer as to how is not really a surprise. Stick to posting pictures of cute puppies in awkward situations and kittens in flamenco dresses…!

Here’s ‘scientific’ proof that people generally (at least on Facebook) couldn’t give a toss about anything of much importance going on in the world. Yesterday I put these two post on my wall about half an hour apart.

Here’s the stats!

Cute puppy photo, 16 likes, 5 shares, several comments

Mass murder of civilians including children through the use of chemical weapons in Syria, 1 like, and a huge amount of comments (essentially a two way debate between myself  and one other person).

There you have it!

To engage with your Facebook audience more you need to be posting more crap than you do already!

Don’t despair if you don’t have access to cute puppies or kittens. Here’s a tip for you none animal types!

Try posting screen grabs from your smart phone (or pictures) of the weather where you are. Facebook users love that!

(NB: This strategy is most effective when used with particular sunny and warm weather in Spain, alternatively if you’re in the UK go for rain and snow or any other form of shitty weather).