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Charity, it’s all a load of bollocks!

Of course, I don’t actually believe that, but it would seem that some people mistakenly think I do? Frankly I’m sick and tired of the ripples caused by the Ice Bucket Challenge nonsense. This is an open letter to the troll who left the (unpublished) vitriolic comment on my sheep picture earlier today.


Help save trolls with our new campaign. Douse yourself with petrol, light a match and then nominate 50 friends to do the same. Oh, hang on, that’s not going to work is it?

It’s all getting very boring – to me anyway. If you want to tip a bucket of cold water on your head and donate to an American charity, one that it would seem from recent reports may be turning out to be quite questionable, go ahead and do it. Or, as people have been doing donate to another charity. That’s fine. It’s your choice. Equally, it is my right, and the right of others to have concerns, be cynical, question it – and more importantly to say NO! To say NO without being pilloried and accused of not caring about charity.

Here’s the rub – I don’t like blowing my own trumpet (much) – but I’ve earned my charity stripes. I’ve raised thousands of Euro in recent years for causes I wanted to support. Not multi-national charities with their unfathomable admin, wages and fund raising spending. Small charities where I knew the money would get to the people who needed it. Small charities where the head of the organisation doesn’t get a pay packet (if they get one at all) worthy of a stock market listed company, where they don’t drive around in a company car or fly business class on the back of the efforts of myself and others. I’ve spent our money doing this, I’ve taken time off work, I’ve trained for months, and it resulted in me doing something to the best of my knowledge nobody else has done. I’m quite proud of myself – and so are my family and friends – the only people who’s opinions matter to me. Your opinion is of no consequence whatsoever – quite probably to anyone – if this is the best way you can find to spend your time. What the fcuk have you done? Tipped a bucket on you head? I bet you haven’t even done that!

Don’t bitch about me, and don’t judge others who want no part of it. Don’t assume because someone hasn’t tipped water on themselves they have done or do nothing. We are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where we have a right to free speech and freedom of choice. I say my piece and I make my choice.

The problem is the chain letter nature of these things. Chain letters imply an obligation, a pressure. I won’t pray for anyone on the strength of a chain letter (I’m an atheist), I won’t send money, or send a card to a terminally ill child  – and I’m damn sure I won’t be dead by the end of the week if I don’t pass some stupid thing on to ten of my friends. Nor will I tip a bucket of water on my head!

Chain letters are BAD. Yes, I’m a big – and highly opinionated boy and not shy about voicing my view. But, I can’t help but wonder how many people have felt bullied into this, or as a result of not doing it. Charity is a personal thing. Nobody should donate to a charity they don’t want to – nor should they be obligated via ‘nomination’ to board the next Facebook charity gravy train. If nobody can dare question anything that includes the word ‘charity’ the possibilities for corruption are endless.

If you want to do this stuff, go ahead, whatever your motive. But back the hell off from attacking or criticising people who choose their own path.

..or you could just piss off and peddle your hatred and insecurities anonymously elsewhere. Try Britain First (you’ll fit right in) – they’ve probably already duped you into liking them with their fake charity bullshit!




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