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I’ll say what the fcuk I like thank you!

This morning I got really angry at a stupid comment on Facebook. I resisted the temptation to verbally lash out because it was from someone I’ve always had a lot of time for. I suspect (looking at another comment to someone else around the same time) it was there because they had either a) had too much liquid refreshment or b) they had been Fraped.

However, it was a comment I’ve received a number of times and as general statement it needs a response. It usually takes the form of a question along these lines…

You live in Spain now, so what gives you the right to comment on what’s happening in the UK?

It’s a stupid question! I believe I have every right to comment on what’s happening in the UK for the following (in no way exhaustive) list of reasons.

I may live in Spain, but I am still a UK citizen with all the right that entails!

I may live in Spain, but I am still a UK citizen with all the rights that entails!

  • Although I choose not to exercise the right I am entitled to vote in the UK.
  • I have over many years contributed a HUGE amount of money into the UK system.
  • I continue to contribute to the UK system by spending money both remotely and when I am there through VAT and the other various taxes levied on financial activities.
  • Despite what the arseholes at UKIP would have you believe the UK is part of Europe. I live in Europe and therefore am entitled to be concerned about what goes on.
  • I have NEVER been dependant on state benefits (unlike some of the people this type of comment originate from).
  • My kids live in the UK. Screwing up the education system affects them, student loans and university fees affect them, as does pretty much everything else there.  If, as they appear to be planning, the government downscales (or even worse privatises) the Fire Services, it’s my kids that die if there is insufficient cover.
  • My parents live in the UK and have contributed to the system all their lives. As they get older services they have paid for are getting cut.
  • I could go on…!

I fear for the UK at the moment, with an incompetent ‘rob from the poor and give to the rich’ Conservative government. A land of bent politicians defrauding expenses, major corporations like Google and Starbucks screwing the tax system and effectively stealing from the country. A land where politics is shifting to the right, where racism is on the increase, where the ‘Daily Mail scaremongering’ turns once reasonable people into xenophobes. A land where people blame legal immigrants from other parts of Europe for stealing their jobs whilst avoiding pointing their fingers at those really responsible – the bankers and the politicians who let them get away with it. A land where people are hated simply because for their religion.

Sounding like anywhere familiar? Germany 1937 perhaps!

Am I entitled to an opinion. Yes I am! Anyone who thinks otherwise can just fcuk off!






5 Responses to I’ll say what the fcuk I like thank you!

  • Maya says:

    Never stop speaking up about the things that count!

  • Alan says:

    I couldn’t stop if I tried Maya! 😉

  • mabcbizGaile says:

    Agree with Maya – but would add… You may have the right to abstain from voting now, but after fifteen years abroad you get struck off and and are told that you can´t vote – even if you want to. I think you are absolutely right – registering to vote and choosing not to carries a message to all UK parties – not registering to vote means you were “never there” and don´t count – just makes you a non-person that people can target with stupid questions…

  • Alan says:

    My reasons for choosing not to vote are a whole other story!

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