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…in the press

Alan reached Playa Blanca at 8:40pm yesterday as planned… and a number of friends and family were there to greet him, as well as the people from Canarias TV. We’ll post a link to the interview once they add it to their website.

After his interview and hugs from everyone that came to welcome him… we headed up to Popeye’s Bar in Punta Limones, where our friend  John Brindley was waiting with a large beer for Alan! He’d raced ahead on the pretence of moving his car ha ha! Cathi was working with another lady (sorry… didn’t catch her name) and looked after us all really well. We didn’t stay too long though, and soon Alan was walking through our front door ready to be bombarded by the dogs! They went berserk when they saw him obviously… although Billy Boxer did seem more pleased to see me than his Dad… but he is a Mummy’s Boy!

Today he has been catching up with emails… answering more questions from the Press… and has also popped into town to see a couple of people.

Here are a few links to just a few articles in the Spanish Press today. Many thanks to Irma, from Yaiza te Informa who has worked tirelessly to help with this – we couldn’t have done it without her!

  1. 20 Minutos
  2. El Día
  3. La Voz de Lanzarote
  4. Diario de Lanzarote
  5. Universo Canario
  6. Canarias Actual
  7. Diario de Avisos
  8. Gente Digital
  9. Terra España
  10. El Econimista
  11. La Informacion
  12. Te Interesa
  13. Qué Es
  14. Europa Press
  15. La Voz de Tenerife
  16. Diario de Avisos (page 2)

We’re still collecting prizes for the Auction at Wax Bar on the 10th May… but remember you can also placed bids online before the event if you can’t make it there in person.

Donations are now up to £1660 (plus an extra £220 in Gift Aid Supplement) – keep it coming guys!!!

Right – I’m off to prepare dinner, so had better disappear.


Once again a special thank you for the help we’ve received from the following individuals and companies;

  • Mitch Mitchell – Lanzarote’s favourite personal trainer the ‘man in black’ for getting Alan’s fitness and stamina to optimum levels
  • David White from Axia FX – for sponsoring Alan’s costs during the trek
  • Ray from Agua Clara for sponsoring Alan’s water consumption during the trip
  • Irma from Yaiza te Informa for all her help with the Spanish press and much more!
  • Joanne & Louise at Balan Sports for the supply of Alan’s printed t-shirts
  • Navira Armas – for sponsoring all ferry crossings during the charity walk
  • … and of course to everyone who has donated sponsorship… and also prizes for the upcoming auction at Wax Bar

You can make a donation using the link below. And, if you’d like to offer some practical help here are a few ideas. Or, if you have some goods or talents you could contribute they’d be gratefully received for the Wax Bar charity auction. A list of the items available for the auction so far is HERE – and is updated as more lots are offered.

ALL funds raised will be shared equally between the Rose Road Association and Niños del Tercer Mundo.

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