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I’ve been quiet on here for a reason…

I don’t know if people were expecting me to write all my experiences from the walk this spring down on here. But I decided against it. Rather than do it bit by bit here I decided to put it in the form of a book after it being suggested by several people.

The draft is now done, and in Elle’s hands as she sorts out my spelling errors and grammatical ineptitude with her metaphoric red pen.

I’d like to think I’m not so far up my own backside to think that the world is dying to hear my story. The reality of it is that I wanted to get it all down in one place, instead of in pieces on this blog, for posterity rather than reasons of vanity. On that basis, don’t expect the work of a literary genius, or indeed an in depth travel guide on ‘walking the Canary Islands’. It’ll be part travelogue – though I’ve tried to avoid ‘I passed a mountain, then another mountain, then went through village X’, part my usual rants, some old stories, musings on life as an expat, about the people I met on the way, and the kind of crap that goes through your head doing something like this….

I’m not expecting to make my fortune on the back of this, maybe it’ll just become a nice keepsake for my new grandson one day. It would be nice to recover our costs through sales, that’s the extend of my ambition for it. Though, maybe, who knows, it might just make enough money for my next planned journey. We’ll see. And no, I’m not saying what it is until it’s game on….

I’ll be back when it’s ready to roll!

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