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New boots!

I’ve been waiting anxiously for my new boots to arrive. I know to many this wouldn’t be that exciting, but it is to me…

These are the boots that I’m planning to carry me across the Siete Islas in spring!

Having looked around the island to buy a pair, I really couldn’t find anything I felt was right for the task, so nervously ordered them from after checking their international delivery arrangements. I had really wanted to feel the boots on given their purpose, but also couldn’t afford to take any chances with those I could find on the island – I really needed something well made by a reputable brand.

Beghaus have a good replacement policy, which gave me some peace of mind had the size not been quite right. Having tried them on now, thankfully (I could do without the hassle of getting replacements) the sizing is perfect. They are well made, very light, ideal for the climate here, and look more than up to the task, and at around the hundred pound mark I think good value.

However, here’s the rub – Berghaus, you really need to get your customer service department sorted out! Living in a not VAT zone I checked by email before ordering that a VAT refund would not be a problem. I was assured not. After placing the order I have sent several emails without response to request the refund – no replies. I’ve phoned, and a very nice girl assured me it would be resolved. A couple of emails later and after hassling them on Twitter – still no refund.

Great boots, good value, but sub-standard service!

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