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Niños del Tercer Mundo – Christopher David

As a result of my latest and forthcoming ‘expedition’ – walking across, up or around the seven main islands that make up the Canary Islands I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Christopher David. Christopher along with his wife Gill and a number of other prominent Lanzarote residents founded Niños del Tercer Mundo, and is the current Chairman of the charity.

Meeting Christopher was an absolute pleasure. He’s such a lovely man and he and his wife Gill (who sadly passed away last year) have selflessly given their time to help others since retiring to Lanzarote  in 1995, having owned a place been regular visitors since the mid-80s. Niños del Tercer Mundo came about after their involvement with a project providing one room schools in Ecuador – and Christopher has not helping people since stopped since…  He is not – I am sure he will not mind me saying – a young man, yet still continues to dedicate his time to making the lives of others better. The world would be a much better place if it had more people like Christopher in it!

Over the years it has been in existence Niños del Tercer Mundo has completed a number of projects including building a school in Ecuador, providing clean water for families in Peru, and helped in providing school facilities in Kenya in conjunction with the local Rotary Club. The charity is currently raising money to fund establishing a clinic in the bush some distance away from the nearest major town Naivasha in Kenya. The clinic will cost a total of €39,000 to establish and will provide much needed medical care for around 30,000 people in a region that has no running water, electricity, nothing resembling roads as we would know them, and where children have to walk miles to school every day .

I’m very pleased to be able to help this fantastic charity turn it’s vision into reality!

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