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Occupation 101: Voice of the Silenced Majority

I sat down to watch ‘Occupation 101’ this evening. I’m all for discussion of the Israel and Palestine situation. It’s a terrible conflict all round – and terrible for many on both sides.

I couldn’t get past 10 minutes into the film – it was immensely anti-Israel from the outset. Within minutes the phrase ‘ethnic cleansing’ had been brought up. The film, after skirting over the main problems with highly stylized and emotive imagery clearly supporting one side of the conflict, then seemed to be starting to focus on the persecution (I was sure the word genocide would be coming up soon) of Palestinian Christians rather than Palestinians as a whole.

The whole thing stank of bible bashing, antisemetic American fascists… Needless to say, the film was turned off and binned. Perhaps it might have become more reasoned – but I wasn’t prepared to persevere to find out!

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