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Online Spanish pet shop

Living on a small island as we do we find there isn’t that much choice when it comes to buying stuff needed for the dogs. There’s not a lot of choice, and pet products are damned expensive!

We’re planning time away soon and want to take the dogs with us. I’ve been looking around for a proper dog guard as I really don’t want to risk the fines! So many of us ex-pats gravitate to the likes of ebay and Amazon back in the UK when we can’t find what we are looking for. But, as I’m always spouting on about using local businesses I thought I’d have a look at what online pet stores there might be in the country. Seems logical – and it would be inevitably cheaper on postage as well as being more convenient that buying from the UK. I glad I did – as I found Good prices, great selection and they deliver to the island – they also refund the appropriate taxes automatically, something few UK site seem capable of.

Still waiting for the dog guard to arrive – whilst also planning our next order!

If you live in Spain it has to be worth a try…

tienda para mascotas