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Quote – Frank Gallagher’s opening speech from the final series of Shameless

“Look at me right… and look at the Queen.
I was never a fan… until it occurred to me how much me an’ “Ma’am” have in common
Bringing up kiddies you can’t remember the names of.
I know she’s not a single parent, but she might as well be.
Plus… the pair of us stuck to our guns – her literally sometimes.
And flagships… a dying breed… admired and despised equally.
Not for never lifting a finger? No. For setting examples through extremity
And whether you’re a bigwig on her end or a bigwig on mine, you’ve still got all your dickheads in the middle to deal with, snip snip snipping at your benefits.
I mean she can’t not be looking at me and thinking “What’s your secret, Frank?” I got shot of my kids yonks back where as she’s yet to see the back of a single one.
I’ve had to get out of bed on occasions to make ends meet, whereas she… she’d done the whole thing from the chair.
(Oh, a drink for the lady – I’m sure there’s perks)
Look at her lot – Brian May prancing about on her roof.
Now, look at my lot! We know how to throw a proper fuckin’ parrrtttaaayyyy!!”

Frank Gallagher 2013