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Rot in hell Philpott

I may not have been born in Derby, I may live in Spain now, but I do consider this great city my second home. I first went there to go to University, I made some great friends, my kids were born there and it was a major part of my adult life. It matters to me; I care about the place, and I still love every moment I spent, and I value the times I will spend there in years to come.

Unfortunately the city has spent far too much time in the news of late because of that scum bag Philpott, his bitch and the other idiot. I have no need to relay the story; it’s widely known across the UK and way beyond now that these scum killed six children Philpott fathered.

The sentences are a disappointment. A real disappointment! But don’t blame the judge, sentencing guidelines are absolute. Though the sentence is inappropriate in the eyes of most of us, any reasonable person would agree that there should have been six sentences applied consecutively. The judge’s hands are tied, and I’m sure if the judge in question could have given more time to the bastar*s, if they were able, they would have.

What we can only hope is that whilst this scum are serving their time that they will fall victim to murder, they will be hated, and they will live in fear at best. Their days are numbered.

How many people in prison are  decent people, who may have made some bad choices or had some tough breaks, and, who despite their crimes love their children? So many of them are not unlike you and I. There’s a huge difference between a Jimmy Saville, or in this case a child murderer, and us. With a bit of luck these murdering basta*ds will end up with a ‘shank’ in their guts….

Do I sound angry? Yes I bloody am. These three should rot in hell. Should they survive prison and get out, there will be plenty of us who would deliver the fatal blow. I would…. and I have a number of old friends in Derby I know would take the c***s out given the opportunity! (I was going to put a number of initials here of friends but decided against it. You boys know who you are as much as I do!)

The sad thing is, these bast***ds are going to end up with a new identity one day for their own protection, and live their lives out happily on the DHSS unless someone nails them in the meantime. Just as they did before…

Two and a half years for each child – is that justice?

2 Responses to Rot in hell Philpott

  • Gill Richards says:

    I am not saying I have a gift, but I knew with those two instantly that they had done it. Maybe a mother’s intuition, like the little girl Tia whose grandmother’s sidekick is being tried in May. Paul always asks me who i think it was and I am normally right. Discussed this a lot this week with female friends……how on earth could you put your children at risk, mine are a pain in the butt a lot of the time but they are also the most cherished parts of our lives? Last night was spent sat on the sofa, eyes propped open by matchsticks, waiting for son number two to be deposited safely home from a party….five mins late and it would have been phone calls, dogs harnessed for Mum to look around and Dad off to the party venue in the car….Alan you know me well enough already to realise I live in my own little universe and like to think the best of people but (and you are welcome to use this against me in the future!) I actually said several times that I hope they get bloody battered in prison. Our taxes are being used to fund their x-boxes, free study courses, free therapy (which I know lots of people could use for good reasons and is not available on the NHS!) and to feed and clothe them. Feel sorry for the judge, she had to work within the law, as you said, it must have been very difficult for her.

  • dave coathup says:

    Well said.