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This weekend I’ve been doing some deep water sailing (if that’s what it’s called – what do I know?) with my friend Paul. We went to collect his boat which had been chartered on a one way trip to bring it home.

The view on approach

I’ve been sailing with Paul before off the coast of our little island and really enjoyed it, great fun as a day trip. But I think after this journey I might need some convincing to do a longer trip like this again! Not because it wasn’t fantastic – more due to my propensity to get sea sick!

First night, serious sea sickness (not aided by a fairly heavy night on Friday I suspect), after which I immediately went to sleep in my cabin to awake to the views of the open ocean some hours later.

I wasn’t sea sick again after I woke up the next morning – but spent the rest of the trip living in fear of it coming back. If you’ve never been sea sick you won’t understand just how unpleasant it can be! It sort of takes the shine of what should be a great experience.

Not feeling to great – I slept a lot! I missed the dolphins the others on the trip saw – the one thing I really wanted to see (but did see the somewhat menacing shark fin as we left our departure marina) – and I missed the swim in 3 mile deep waters… I slept through the all highlights!

But it has fulfilled one ambition for me – I’ve always wanted to be out in the open ocean to see how it would feel to be way out of sight of land. And, that experience was fantastic – it’s seriously humbling to contemplate that amount of space. It’s like a desert – it’s awe inspiring… And, there’s never anything better than seeing the stars unlettered by light pollution!

Bar the sea sickness – a great experience!