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Saturday 7th April

This is the part of the journey I dread most!

I’ve had the date in mind for some time now, it’s about time I declared it for the start of my next little stroll – across the seven islands. Wish me luck!

When I do this, Elle will be writing daily blog posts on here, and I’ll be posting my progress on the Facebook page I set up this week. I’d be really grateful if you’d ‘like’ the page if you are a Facebook user…

You can make a donation to the charities at any time, or if you prefer you pledge some money in advance subject to me completing the walk you can do so using the form below.

I totally appreciate that times are hard, or that people have particular charities they support – I hate ‘asking’ for money so I’m really not offended if people don’t donate for whatever reason. Donations to charities are, I feel, a very personal thing. However, whether sponsoring me or not there are other ways you can help if you feel you’d like to lend your support in other ways, click here for some other ideas on how you might be able to help.

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