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Billy the snoring Boxer dog!

A day with Billy…

Good morning owners!

After destroying a large vase on Friday. Probably caused by him and the Lab bouncing around because I had the audacity to go out for a while – there’s little doubt in mind he’d have been the instigator of the incident, if not the actual body that brought it down – we woke yesterday to the not particularly welcome sight of the welcome mat partially de-constructed.

They travelled great on the ferry when we moved recently, despite the appalling journey courtesy of ferry company Acciona Mediterrania (wankers), they were fantastic in the car, they’ve settled into the new house well, their behaviour has – almost – been  pretty good – until the last few days since Billy’s mischievous streak has returned. House training has gone out of the window a couple of times as he gets used to a new toilet regime, and has caused various levels of destruction of household items.

The culprit!

Following on from the mat incident – we were furious – he was frankly a bloody nuisance for the rest of the day, under our feet, annoying the other hounds, pestering visitors – including being very insistent he park himself in-front of the chap trying to negotiate our house on crutches.

Just at the point when I wondering “Why the hell did we rescue him?”, things changed. Quickly. Behind where we live is a track up the mountain, and since we’ve moved I’ve been taking them up there one by one for their last ‘activity’ of the day. Last night when I got back with the Labrador (Pepper) I brought him in and immediately noticed the little ginger freak wasn’t at the door staring at me with a wagging tail. I looked through – the back door was open. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d jumped the outside walls. A quick search and the dismayed running backwards and forward of his ‘brothers’ confirmed this was the case. Continue reading

“Tell me about this puppy”?

I’ve gone and done it again! Another doggy sob story, and after being plied (strategically) with wine by Elle I uttered those fatal words – “Tell me about this puppy”…?

Of course, by yesterday afternoon we were on our way to collect him. Here’s the latest addition to our COMPLETED family – Billy the Boxer. No more – three is more than enough! If I ever think of using the phrase again will someone please shoot me!

One of the appalling things about living on this island is that there are so many dogs mistreated and abandoned. Often by expats who arrive with their rose tinted glasses still on, who just rush into getting a puppy or kitten long before they have created any personal stability. Some, on failing to settle themselves, just abandon or dump their animals on the already over-stretched shelters.

We were horrified when we heard about this little chap – only twelve weeks or so old the people who had him can only have had him a few weeks. He was found by a friend of ours totally abandoned in the garden of a property he was renting to them. No water, little food, no shelter and they had pissed off to the UK just leaving him outside! Continue reading