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It’s a dogs life!

56 in dog years...

56 in dog years…

I took one of the dogs to vet today, just for his annual jabs. We always make a point of timing it right to keep their passports valid – who knows what might happen. It got me thinking. Guido is now older than me!

Tragedies (and time machines) aside if life follows the natural order of things we will only know our parents as adults and old folk, and if we are lucky we will know our kids from childhood to middle age. Not so our dogs – for many of us the most loyal, trusted and closest companions we will ever have. People drift in and out of our lives – that’s just how it works – including our children and our parents. Our dogs never leave our sides. Continue reading

Our boys!

In 2013, a crack commando unit were sent to their beds by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.

These dogs promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Spanish countryside. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune.


Billy the Boxer Dog

Billy Boxer

Billy the snoring Boxer dog!

“Tell me about this puppy”?

I’ve gone and done it again! Another doggy sob story, and after being plied (strategically) with wine by Elle I uttered those fatal words – “Tell me about this puppy”…?

Of course, by yesterday afternoon we were on our way to collect him. Here’s the latest addition to our COMPLETED family – Billy the Boxer. No more – three is more than enough! If I ever think of using the phrase again will someone please shoot me!

One of the appalling things about living on this island is that there are so many dogs mistreated and abandoned. Often by expats who arrive with their rose tinted glasses still on, who just rush into getting a puppy or kitten long before they have created any personal stability. Some, on failing to settle themselves, just abandon or dump their animals on the already over-stretched shelters.

We were horrified when we heard about this little chap – only twelve weeks or so old the people who had him can only have had him a few weeks. He was found by a friend of ours totally abandoned in the garden of a property he was renting to them. No water, little food, no shelter and they had pissed off to the UK just leaving him outside! Continue reading

Alan Gandy – Neglected dog

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Update on the Cesar Millan training…

I wrote recently after acquiring our new dog – Pepper – about how we were employing the Cesar Millan training methods for the two books we had bought – How to Raise the Perfect Dog and Cesar’s Way.

Here’s a bit of an update…On the whole, with the odd glitch as you can see – it’s working out pretty well. Both of the boys are way better on the lead, and generally behave pretty well together. They do occasionally have issues with each other and get a bit boisterous – but we expected that with them both being dogs.

I’ve read one of the books – must get around to the other – and pretty much watched most of everything he’s done for TV. It works – it really does. Though I do wonder sometimes that he seems to have something very special about him, almost a ‘Doctor Doolittle quality’, that we mere mortals can never hope to emulate. The man has a gift!