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Will the Cesar Millan books work?

pepperWe don’t know – but we are about to find out soon, well as soon as we’ve read the books. Every dog owner we know is incredibly impressed with Cesar Millan – and my dad is hooked on the TV show – so – with the recent addition of the new puppy we thought it’s time we knocked Guido and Pepper into shape…

The major problem at the moment is house training – he’s pretty good all round and will sit, stay and come when you want him – not bad with food either – but can he manage to pee in the right place – NO! We were assured by the people we got him off that he was house trained – not sure what their idea of house training is. But I’m damned sure it doesn’t match mine…!

We bought two books How to Raise the Perfect Dog and Cesar’s Way – so I plan to come back to this topic occasionally and report on the progress of the boys as we attempt to make them perfect….

Will the books work – or would they be better put to use beating the dogs into compliance? 🙂 I’ll let you know….

A new addition to the family…

The new boy - maybe?...You might think this is the Guido. But it isn’t – this is Pepper – he is currently on probation as to whether he joins our household. In for a test run so to speak…

Guido is – we think – is a Labrador and Beagle cross (mostly), he looks very Labrador though with a few Beagle traits and the litter he came from apart from him were all marked like Beagles. We didn’t believe it when we first got him 3 years ago but a Labrador Beagle cross is an official hybrid breed called – wait for it – a Beagador. He’s smaller than your average Labrador cross, and a little nervy at times, but great fun, and a lovely natured dog.

This chap is a bit different Continue reading

My two bitches…

Elle and GuidoActually neither of them are  – Guido is a dog, and Elle hasn’t got a bitchy bone in her body. But the headline got your attention didn’t it! 🙂


For no particular reason – here is a picture of our dog Guido…