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new challenge

Back in training – almost!

Not an excuse - it bloody hurts!

Having enrolled the help of personal trainer Mitch – I have to admit to not getting off to the best of starts! Partially my fault, partially plain old bad luck.

Having met Mitch initially about a month ago he set me a couple of relatively simple tasks, and asked me to keep a food diary. I met him again last week to be greeted by a smile as he handed me the food diary I’d sent him. He explained that he had marked the food diary with a note – containing words to the effect of “Normally I highlight the bad things my clients eat – in this case – to save time – I’ve marked yours with the good stuff”!

I have been a good with the walking though in the meantime, and have come to the conclusion that I am at least doing more mileage on foot than I have been by car since our firsts meeting. The dogs are loving it of course.

The upside of the food diary comment being that it shouldn’t be hard to impress  with at least some improvement by our next meeting. Despite the difficulties of my current lifestyle and movements, I can at least squeeze in a couple of salads for next time! 🙂 Continue reading

A new challenge…

February 2011

People who read this site regularly will likely be aware of the walk I did from the north to the south of the island. From which I managed to raise a total of £1305.67 (including gift aid) via the Just Giving website, which has since been distributed to Niños del Tercer Mundo and the Rose Road Centre and is now being put to good use in support of both of their great works!

The first question I was asked after completing that walk was what next. At that time I hadn’t even thought about what next, I wasn’t even sure there would be a next time as the walk was just something I had wanted to do for my own reasons. Also at the time I got an email from our friend Geoff Holt who – to paraphrase – said to me “I bet you’ve got the bug now haven’t you”? It seems he was right. Raising the money for these extremely fantastic causes was perhaps one of the most satisfying things I have ever done.

Now I have a new plan. I’m not saying what exactly just yet for a several reasons – clearly I have to top what I did last time… Continue reading

What next?

The question I have been asked most since I completed the north to south walk in February is… What next?

The answer so far is that “I haven’t really thought about it”. Which isn’t strictly speaking true. The fact is, that despite the discomfort at the time it was one of the things on my mind. I didn’t then, and still haven’t come to any conclusions, but I have no doubt there will be a follow up at some time – exactly what I’m not sure yet – I’m currently mulling it over.

A couple of people have suggested I do the same in Fuerteventura (which is somewhat longer than Lanzarote), but I feel I’ve done the walking thing now and if I’m going to do something I fancy doing something different, and maybe more ambitious. I really don’t know what to do yet though.

I do have a couple of (frankly, vague so far) ideas – but I’m open to other suggestions. I’m looking for ideas for a new challenge if you have any? Continue reading