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Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park security – in the news!

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the security staff at Thorpe Park

Click here for another example of what a bunch of morons they are!

Thorpe Park Security – are they animals?

Thorpe Park security guard changes his name to AnimalOkay, the heading is a bit harsh I know. But, it’s no secret that I have a bit of an issue with the professional standards and methods employed by Thorpe Park Security (click to read the original post) after my visit last summer. But, I had to laugh this morning when I stumbled on an article from the Surrey Herald about one of their security staff who has changed his name by deed poll to ‘Animal’.

Yes, it’s true – in fact he has gone a step further and changed original name of ‘Stephen Edmunds’ to ‘Animal Stephen Leonidas Floyd Mayweather McManus Edmunds’.

So good to see they are maintaining such a high standard of recruitment since my visit. It must be really hard for them finding security staff with this level of intelligence. I wonder if he has his new name stitched into his imitation Police style Thorpe Park Security uniform?

Thorpe Park Security

I went to Thorpe Park recently with a friend and two of my kids. Nice day out – with all the usual things you’d expect from a trip to a theme park – expensive, long queues, screaming kids, and any excuse taken to get a little more money from you… We expect that – so nobody is surprised or disappointed by these things….

However, there was one thing I took exception to. On entering the park there is quite heavy security – understandable in this day and age – where guests are selected for additional checks and have to go through a metal detector. Continue reading