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I used to drink, chase women and have a seriously unhealthy lifestyle….

Now I just do each in moderation. No, I haven’t found Jesus – I met Mitch! Six months ago I was a lazy good for nothing, overweight middle aged guy – now I’m a lazy good for nothing, not so overweight middle aged guy.

Seriously, talking to Mitch well in advance of this up-coming walk was the best thing I could have done. Right now I’m feeling great, and just want to get on with it. The credit for that has to go to Mitch. I’ve been far from the perfect client for him – self-discipline is not my forte, and the training has been interrupted along the way by trips overseas, volume of work, and plagued by injuries – more often than not ‘dog related’.

However, spurred on especially this last couple of months by comments like, “You’re looking well”, “You’ve lost weight”, culminating in a comment a couple of days ago from Helen’s (Wax), ” Bloody hell, it’s falling off you, what happened”?  to which my reply was simply “Mitch did it!”; I’m feeling better than I have done in a long time.

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Training update – does this mean I’m making progress?

As part of the training for my walk of all seven of the main islands that make up the archipelagos next spring I’ve been working with Mitch Mitchell on getting my fitness levels sorted out having let myself go the last few years! After my last session with Mitch I felt like I’d taken a beating when the next day came along!

But, by way of accidental encouragement recently, I bumped into a friend in our local supermarket who said, “You’re looking fit”. (I’m sure he meant ‘fitter’, and was politely over stating!). Coming from someone who does actually know what they are talking about, I was rather pleased to hear that the efforts I am making (with much help and gentle encouragement from Mitch) may have made a visible difference, even so early on in the process. Continue reading

Back in training – almost!

Not an excuse - it bloody hurts!

Having enrolled the help of personal trainer Mitch – I have to admit to not getting off to the best of starts! Partially my fault, partially plain old bad luck.

Having met Mitch initially about a month ago he set me a couple of relatively simple tasks, and asked me to keep a food diary. I met him again last week to be greeted by a smile as he handed me the food diary I’d sent him. He explained that he had marked the food diary with a note – containing words to the effect of “Normally I highlight the bad things my clients eat – in this case – to save time – I’ve marked yours with the good stuff”!

I have been a good with the walking though in the meantime, and have come to the conclusion that I am at least doing more mileage on foot than I have been by car since our firsts meeting. The dogs are loving it of course.

The upside of the food diary comment being that it shouldn’t be hard to impress  with at least some improvement by our next meeting. Despite the difficulties of my current lifestyle and movements, I can at least squeeze in a couple of salads for next time! 🙂 Continue reading