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The Dragons on Twitter…

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of Twitter, but of late I’ve conceded and started using it – largely because I can feed it elsewhere and it doesn’t require much attention – and it’s another means of getting the message out when I do my next charity walk in the spring.

However I am, and always have been, a massive fan of Dragon’s Den (followed it since the first series and would list it amongst my favourite shows) and despite my own policy of not following ‘celebs’ decided to have a look at what they are up to. Let’s be honest about Twitter – for most of us ‘mere mortals’, I stand by my previous statements, it’s pretty pointless for anything other than observing. For celebrities and news organisations who naturally draw followers it’s a great way to get their message out – and only the real weirdos and Twitter Geeks expect any kind of interaction.

To be fair the Dragons have entertained me, have some interesting things to say – and all have very noticeable styles. Here’s my take on that:

@DuncanBannatyne – Duncan can be very personable with his followers, but every now and then, to the accompaniment of an imaginary ice cream van bell, will come steaming in with ‘Buy my book for Christmas’, ‘Don’t forget to join my gym after Christmas’. His interactions can be just as you’d expect from Duncan – pretty forthright, like the woman who recently said she’d enjoy her gym experience so much more if there was a creche.  The answer: “It’s never going to happen. Sorry”.

@TheoPaphitis – I think most of us think of Theo as the consummate nice guy and family man. Recent activity on his timeline have mostly been baby news and about him falling of his exercise bike. How the hell does that happen! 🙂 What I like about Theo is that he seems to spend a fair amount of time retweeting small businesses. Nice to see him using his influence to give some little guys a break.

@HilaryDevey – There’s something about Hilary’s persona on Twitter that’s not her. It’s like she’s had her arm twisted into using it. Seeing here on TV, there’s often some red hot sarcasm and killer blows. Unlike Duncan who does throw them out on Twitter occasionally, she’s a bit  ‘nicer’ than you might expect. You can’t help feeling that much like her Dynasty style shoulder pads Hilary is somewhere in the 80’s technologically. It’s like someone is trying to drag her kicking and screaming into the modern age. Sorry Hilary, love you on TV, not sure the online space is your thing!

@dragonjones – What’s Peter Jones selling? Peter Jones of course! 🙂 On any of the ‘making of’ style programmes about Dragon’s Den  the others will always rattle on about Peter’s vanity – it shows. In personal branding terms though, Peter seems by far the wiliest of the Dragons on Twitter – though his constant need to show off that he gets replies from the likes of Alan Sugar (exceedingly boring on Twitter), Chris Moyles, Piers Morgan et al, is a bit of overkill at times. Such replies are the stuff of wet dreams for many a sad Twitter Geek! Oh, and he does heavily promote his socks!

No Deborah - he's mine!

@DeborahMeaden– I have to admit, and I’ve surprised myself here, Deborah is my favourite Twitter Dragon. Like Hilary she seems to be playing catch up, but is somehow pulling it off. She’s cocked up and put pictures up she didn’t mean to, a chicken coop if I remember correctly. A few days ago someone commented on a picture of my dogs (profile picture) – her response was along the lines of , ‘Oh god have I done it again have I’? She’s made a few open mistakes, but has a great manner with people. She seems to put a lot more effort into conversing with the ‘public’ than the other Dragons. Amongst promoting green issues, she’ll admit to not cooking – ever, talk about her old man and isn’t frightened of a bit of banter. Watching them all I feel like I’ve learned something about Deborah, I can’t say that about the others. Oh, and who’d have ever thought Deborah cool enough to go and see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

They’re all entertaining in their own way, and worth following. I just hope they don’t do an Alan Sugar and disappear up their own backside! (Note to Lord Sugar’s legal team – this is only my opinion! :))

One Response to The Dragons on Twitter…

  • Alan says:

    I must add, as this seems to have gone mental on Twitter today…

    1. My apologies to Hilary – I wasn’t aware of your stroke. I have not, nor would I make any references, I certainly do not see such things as a subject for humour. I will make a donation to The Stroke Association. Love you on the show and have huge respect for you (and the other Dragons).

    2. It seems that some people have taken this in the vein intended, its just a bit of fun – though the level of abuse I am getting from ‘celebrity bottom kissers’ does sort of prove the point I’m trying to make about ‘Twitter Geeks’.