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The latest review of my book on Amazon

For a book that was written by a self-confessed grumpy old man, this was an astonishingly refreshing read, and I really enjoyed it. Not only did I learn a good deal about the different islands, but it gave a real insight into the heart, mind and life of the author. I’m sure Alan would be the first to admit that he isn’t a natural writer (my red pen was itching), nevertheless, this book has genuine charm. And although Elle, the lady in the background, never actually appears, her character shines clearly through and softens Alan’s rougher edges.

And there is humour; this line made me smile… “Being on the seventh floor I locked the balcony door before going to bed and hid the key from myself, as I occasionally sleepwalk.”

Don’t expect a glittery guide to holiday sunspots, because you may be disappointed. No, this is an honest, big-hairy-warts-and-all look at the Canary Isles, through the eyes of an opinionated, but compassionate man. I soon gathered Alan’s no athlete, so, to walk the length of all seven of the Canary Isles for charity is admirable. Well done!

Victoria Twead (Author of Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools)

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