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Thorpe Park Security – are they animals?

Thorpe Park security guard changes his name to AnimalOkay, the heading is a bit harsh I know. But, it’s no secret that I have a bit of an issue with the professional standards and methods employed by Thorpe Park Security (click to read the original post) after my visit last summer. But, I had to laugh this morning when I stumbled on an article from the Surrey Herald about one of their security staff who has changed his name by deed poll to ‘Animal’.

Yes, it’s true – in fact he has gone a step further and changed original name of ‘Stephen Edmunds’ to ‘Animal Stephen Leonidas Floyd Mayweather McManus Edmunds’.

So good to see they are maintaining such a high standard of recruitment since my visit. It must be really hard for them finding security staff with this level of intelligence. I wonder if he has his new name stitched into his imitation Police style Thorpe Park Security uniform?

One Response to Thorpe Park Security – are they animals?

  • Jacob says:

    hahahaha. Always makes me laugh, Reading about these clowns.

    Like the picture, Suits the post!

    I don’t bother with Thorpe park anymore, Been there a few times, and been to Chesington, Same company (Merlin entertainment).

    From experince of madaum tussauds and the london eye, again merlin entertainment.. All the bluddy same.. Especially The london eye, They think there the police, All high and mighty.. Everytime I go to one of there flipping attractions I get randomly searched…
    Not that I am scared of being searched, I’ve never been stopped by the police, and only really ever been searched at Airports.

    Think it must be in there training course…

    I am 6ft 3′ 16 year’s old, atheletic and I don’t dress like a chav at all. So nothing to bring suspicion. And everytime I have a small argument with them… Next time I unfortunately go to one of there establishments, I’m going to be extremely dissatisfied and rude and exercise my rights to the max., Just to annoy them a little bit, make it worth my while.