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Training update – does this mean I’m making progress?

As part of the training for my walk of all seven of the main islands that make up the archipelagos next spring I’ve been working with Mitch Mitchell on getting my fitness levels sorted out having let myself go the last few years! After my last session with Mitch I felt like I’d taken a beating when the next day came along!

But, by way of accidental encouragement recently, I bumped into a friend in our local supermarket who said, “You’re looking fit”. (I’m sure he meant ‘fitter’, and was politely over stating!). Coming from someone who does actually know what they are talking about, I was rather pleased to hear that the efforts I am making (with much help and gentle encouragement from Mitch) may have made a visible difference, even so early on in the process.

As a man I know how much it means to a woman when she’s on a diet if we compliment them on their progress. But that means nothing by comparison to such compliments coming from fellow her friends and peers… It works the same for us men too! 🙂

I can’t recommend Mitch highly enough – so, for your information: If you live on the island and have aspirations of improving your fitness with Christmas coming up, it might be worth having a look at the Winter Wonder Workout program he’s recently launched.

However, do heed my warning: Mitch has ‘eyes and ears’ everywhere, you won’t be able to go out for say – a pizza – without getting nicked! 😀

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