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Update on the Cesar Millan training…

I wrote recently after acquiring our new dog – Pepper – about how we were employing the Cesar Millan training methods for the two books we had bought – How to Raise the Perfect Dog and Cesar’s Way.

Here’s a bit of an update…On the whole, with the odd glitch as you can see – it’s working out pretty well. Both of the boys are way better on the lead, and generally behave pretty well together. They do occasionally have issues with each other and get a bit boisterous – but we expected that with them both being dogs.

I’ve read one of the books – must get around to the other – and pretty much watched most of everything he’s done for TV. It works – it really does. Though I do wonder sometimes that he seems to have something very special about him, almost a ‘Doctor Doolittle quality’, that we mere mortals can never hope to emulate. The man has a gift!

4 Responses to Update on the Cesar Millan training…

  • Keith Wareing says:

    It’s good to hear that they are both progressing nicely Alan but do you believe that he is the best out there at what he does?

  • Alan says:

    Couldn’t say for sure I haven’t seen them all Keith! 🙂 I’d say he’s the best I’ve seen and I really like his methods.

  • CupCake says:

    YAY, I’m glad it seams like its working out for you 🙂 I always was amazed by what he managed to do when I watched him on Telly and I tried a couple of the things he did at my dads dog and it always worked wonders :p

    Good luck with getting the perfect dog then 😉

  • Alan says:

    Read your blog and see that your man is away. Which ship is he on? One of my ‘boys’ is away in the Navy too at the moment. Last I heard he was in the Maldives the lucky little bugger! 🙂