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What next?

The question I have been asked most since I completed the north to south walk in February is… What next?

The answer so far is that “I haven’t really thought about it”. Which isn’t strictly speaking true. The fact is, that despite the discomfort at the time it was one of the things on my mind. I didn’t then, and still haven’t come to any conclusions, but I have no doubt there will be a follow up at some time – exactly what I’m not sure yet – I’m currently mulling it over.

A couple of people have suggested I do the same in Fuerteventura (which is somewhat longer than Lanzarote), but I feel I’ve done the walking thing now and if I’m going to do something I fancy doing something different, and maybe more ambitious. I really don’t know what to do yet though.

I do have a couple of (frankly, vague so far) ideas – but I’m open to other suggestions. I’m looking for ideas for a new challenge if you have any?

I was talking to my two younger sons (Joe and Ben) earlier. They know I’m a poor swimmer and really not good with heights. Therefore, their only ideas were along the lines of jumping off Angel Falls and doing the world’s highest bungee jump into deep water! I have passed on those particular ideas thus far!  🙂

No heights, no swimming, no running (my knees won’t stand it)… Other than that I’m open to look at any new challenge that I can also use as a vehicle to raise some more money for the same two extremely worthy causes…

If you have any ideas – however weird or off the wall. Do please leave a comment!