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Who exacly are these ‘Internet Entrepreneurs’

Have you ever wondered about all these people who send you emails claiming to be ‘Internet Entrepreneurs’ and ‘Successful Internet Marketers’ who are going to help you to make a million? You’ve seen them I’m sure – they pull you to a single web page and show you pictures of (probably of other people’s) fancy cars and houses bought with their Internet millions – just like you can have too if you do what they say – and screen grabs of their bank statements or on-line payouts (how hard would they be to fabricate?). They offer ‘information’ (most of which is freely available if you know where to look). The page offers substantial discounts on their ‘products’ if you BUY NOW. The vague descriptive – call to action text – makes it extremely difficult to define exactly what they are selling until you have parted with your hard earned cash!

Well, my guess is that most of them are people who’ve never had an original business idea in their life! And I’d stake money on it that many of these business opportunity ‘gurus’ (sic) are pseudonyms, or even pure works of fiction by deranged failures in the back bedroom of mum and dad´s place somewhere in the mid-west of the US.

There are few mysteries and hardly any ‘secrets’ that are going to make you a million – and hell, if there are, lets be realistic nobody is either going to give or sell them to you… Perhaps their ‘secret’ is getting you to buy, and re-sell whatever feely available information it is they are selling to you!

Caveat Emptor!

Perhaps the best way to make money is to use the vehicle many of these guys use to actually sell something worth having. If you have a piece of software, some information, or anything else that can be download that may be of value to others you can easily market your own wares by becoming a Clickbank publisher.

As the old saying goes… Here’s one I got earlier…

Alan, the BIG 2009 Secret (must read)!‏
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Sent: 06 January 2009 14:25:15
To: Alan (address removed)

Hi Alan,

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