One of the things on the Internet that bugs me most is so called ‘Internet Marketers’ who write stupid little ebooks containing nothing more than already freely available information, which they then package up as a ‘product’. For the most part these people prey on newcomers and beginners suffering from information overload.

The whole premise of the Internet is, in my opinion, is that information is free!

Anything I can do to stop people getting ripped off by these charlatans makes me happy! They exploit the confusion of newbies, and the basic laziness of human nature. So, I thought why not put together some of what I know about SEO? It’s a subject I happen to know a little about being in the Internet ‘game’ since before the days of the web. There are so many SEO ‘experts’ out there, a myriad of opinions and frankly a lot of crap – why not simplify the principles?

SEO is not an exact science, nor is it the dark art that many who sell SEO as a service claim it is. If you follow some simple principles – and you are prepared to put the work in you can easily do your own.

In this guide I’ve tried to set out the simplest of techniques in easy to follow language as well as providing useful references and resources for beginners. Follow the guide and you’ll be well down the road to being able to handle your own SEO without the need to employ someone or buy some second rate ‘product’ from someone who often has zero experience of doing it themselves.

Click here to download your free SEO beginners guide. Good luck.